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Blue Print Leadership Academy

The primary focus of Blue Print Leadership Academy Life Skills Sessions is to share and instill in students the values needed to develop into the leaders of tomorrow. The BPLA Life Skills Sessions will help students develop a firm foundation upon which to grow through positive role modeling and follow up. We understand that overcoming the obstacles in life builds strong character. Our focus is where the students can go, what they are capable of achieving and the steps necessary in getting there regardless of where they are now. We will seek to establish a "can do" belief system in our young people.

The BPLA Life Skills Sessions uses the philosophy that self-esteem is developed through belief in oneself. This leads to sense of self-worth and value. Our hope is to empower the students with the necessary tools to achieve to their greatest potential combined with support and unconditional love and acceptance. We desire to develop students that see opportunity in every problem that they come encounter with. We are working to expand the Life Skills Sessions into every school throughout the nation.


Successful people value their time.

Winner's guide and influence individuals to reach their full potential.

Winners are effective decision makers, problem solvers, trouble shooters, and take charge individuals that warrant nothing other than positive results. 

The company you keep can be the difference between: Success and defeat, life and death, happiness and sadness or joy and pain.

The material things you have can vanish just as quickly as you acquired them.

You can affect more people by thinking and being positive than negative people can affect you.

Winners are driven by ambition, not circumstances.

When your back is up against the wall or you fall flat on your face, you have to reach deep within you soul and pull all of your power, courage and reserved motivation to the surface. It will catapult you forward and well beyond the adversity in the road.

Positive energy is contagious and winners possess a lot of it.

It's never too late to change your attitude.

         No one is going to be more
            excited about your life
             and dreams than you!


Blue Print Leadership Academy

10 Principles for Success 

ATTITUDE - A good attitude will change your life.

RESPECT - Treat others the way you want to be treated. Ask yourself, how would I feel if it was me?

HONESTY - Saying and doing what you know is right, even if it does not feel good or make you popular.

FAITH - Believe what you hope for even when you do not see it or feel it. 

COURAGE - Being afraid but doing it anyway.

SELF-DETERMINATION - Deciding what you want or need to do and working at it until it is done.

SELF-ESTEEM - Believe you are valuable and worthwhile. You have something to contribute.

ACCOUNTABILITY - Doing what you say, even when you don't want to. 

EDUCATION - The biggest investment you will make in your lifetime.

LEADERSHIP - Showing others the way, having all of the traits listed above.




Blue Print Leadership Academy 

Self- Understanding Assessment

Who am I? I am the only one who knows the answer.

Be honest with yourself as you answer all of the questions on this questionnaire. Use a separate sheet of paper to write out a complete response.

 * Do you consider yourself a role model?

 * Are you engaged in life or merely existing from day to day?

 * Are you concerned about your future?

 * Did you write down your goals and objectives before today?

 * How do you feel about homeless people?

 * What causes stress in your life?

 * Do you accept constructive criticism well?

 * Do you lead by example?

 * Where is the bulk of the stress coming from in your life?

 * Do you exercise?

 *  Do you over eat?

 * Are you depressed most of the time?

 * Do you complain a lot?

 * Do you have a difficult time handling adversity?

 * Would you consider yourself a leader or follower?

 * Are you self motivated?

 * Has life been fair to you?

 * Do you consider both the good and bad as opportunities in life?

 * Are you wealthy with ambition?

 * Is school a priority to you?


"With the Power of Education you can control your destiny"



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