Blueprint Leadership Academy is a youth mentoring program based in Georgetown, SC. The program was conceived and implemented by Mr. Ervin Parker, aka Blueprint, a former professional athlete.

Georgetown is Mr. Parker's home town. He returned here to start the Academy, giving back to the community he came from. He sees this program as a "blueprint" for future academies across South Carolina and the nation.

The program is partnered with Georgetown County School District and currently operates in McDonald Elementary, Kensington Elementary and Plantersville Elementary. The program teaches life skills while instilling a strong sense of character. Tutoring, special education opportunities, and open discussions are all integral parts of the curriculum. There are after school and summer sessions available.

The Academy offers a variety of workshops that include: Aviation, Etiquette, Gangs/Bullying, French, Dance/Nutrition, Tap/Tumbling, and Drugs and Alcohol.

Blueprint Leadership Academy is:

Mr. Ervin Parker- Founder

  Ervin Parker was born in Georgetown, South Carolina to parents Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Parker, Sr. Mr. Parker is also the proud father of a son, Marcus Allen Parker. He graduated from Choppee High School and later received a degree in industrial engineering from South Carolina State University.  Mr. Parker was drafted by the NFL's Buffalo Bills as a linebacker. He later played for the San Diego Chargers and the Seattle Seahawks.

  Since retiring from a very successful NFL career, Mr. Parker has become a successful entrepreneur. He has worked as a Sports Agent for five years and worked as a talk show host with sports athletes

  He promoted the first NBA Shawn Kemp All-Star Classic, the first professional football game played in Hong Kong in 1989, three professional boxing matches, and has developed athletic-related promotions to benefit both corporations and nonprofit organizations.

  In addition to his athletic endeavors, he has an impressive business portfolio. He has worked successfully for many years as an investment consultant and is presently the founder and chairman of Blue Print Leadership Academy.
-------------------------------------------------------- JaGanna Kinloch

  Jaganna Madeek Kinloch was born in Georgetown, South Carolina. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from The Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina. 

  He has two years of medical claims processing and managerial experience with Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina. He has also worked as a Financial Officer with Carolinas Hospital System and greater than eleven years of experience as a Business Manager with Waccamaw Regional Council of Governments. Mr. Kinloch is employed as an Assistant Site Instructor with Kensington Elementary School.


Ms. Elenor Parris

  Ms. Parris received her undergraduate degree from Allen University Columbia, South Carolina and a masters degree from Columbia College in Divergent Learning. Additional studies from Suffield University in the Ph. D program. 

 Ms. Parris has over 32 years of experience as a teacher and a Notary for the State of South Carolina. Elenor has worked as a certified teacher in various schools, and she was the Director/Owner of Della's Daycare. Her experience as a teacher also includes Director/Coordinator of the North Santee Summer Camp, and Morrisville Action Club Summer Camp. 

 Elenor is committed to working with children from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. She enjoys building partnership with the community and assisting in educating children. 

 She is a proud mother of three children. She has two daughters in college and one son who is an entrepreneur. Ms. Parris and her husband, Ainsley, enjoy exploring, traveling and entertaining guests. Mrs. Parris is the Lead Site Instructor for Kensington Elementary School.


Kelli Blankenship-Volunteer

  Kelli is an Honors student with South Carolina Virtual Charter Schools. She has implemented "change" for Blue Print Leadership Academy in that all student volunteers have been from the "traditional" classrooms or as she refers to them "brick and mortar" schools. Kelli is eager to point out that she has had the best of both the traditional and the virtual educational opportunities, which is how she impressed BPLA and became a volunteer working at McDonald Elementary, Kensington Elementary, and Plantersville Elementary.

When she is not involved with SCVCS academics and social events, or volunteering within her church and community, Kelli finds time to do all the things she loves most, such as kayaking, swimming, playing golf, tennis, playing her guitar, reading, traveling, being with family and friends, college football, and always looking for a new adventure.

Kelli is an avid fan of Virginia Tech and Virginia Tech football.

Kelli's long term goal: Career in Electrical-Computer Engineering with a minor in Business Administration. She finds all aspects of engineering as the way to implement change for a better world.


James-Robert (Jim) Blankenship-Volunteer

  Jim brings a new spin to BPLA as he is a student that has had the opportunity to experience the "traditional" classroom and the "virtual" classroom. Jim comes to BPLA as a student volunteer from the South Carolina Virtual Charter School.

  Jim is unique in that he didn't volunteer he was recruited to volunteer by our founder Mr. Ervin Parker. Jim says, Mr. Parker appeared out of the blue and the next thing I knew I was meeting the executive director of BPLA and going to a school - a student-volunteering.

  Jim is an avid sports participant and spectator with football, basketball, roller hockey, swimming, tennis, and golf.
  Jim is an avid college football fan and brings fireworks during the season to his household when he cheers for the University of South Carolina Gamecocks. (Virginia Tech and West Virginia University are the preferred teams.)

  Jim's long term goal: Pursing his education and having a career in Aeronautical Engineering-Business Administration and owning his own Aeronautics Corporation.